Speech mayor

The European Dream is in danger of disintegrating, of descending into a European Nightmare. And all this is happening just when we are commemorating the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Maastricht Treaty, the Union’s birth certificate. Are we going to let that happen? No, we must not. Is Maastricht, which gives its name to the Treaty, too small to make a difference? No, we are not.

Presentation programme Europe Calling! 28th of June

‘Europe Calling!, Maastricht Treaty 25th Anniversary’ is an extensive and varied annual programme (2016–2017) that examines the past and present and looks forward to what the next twenty-five years holds for Europe. This programme includes two major events held on historic dates: a ‘Europe Calling!’ conference on 9 December 2016 and ‘Generation Maastricht: YO! Fest’, which will be attended more than 3,000 young people on 7 February 2017. Mayor of Maastricht Annemarie Penn-te Strake and Governor of the Province of Limburg Theo Bovens will present these and other programme components on 28 June.