About Europe Calling!

The Maastricht Treaty

In 2017, it was 25 years since the signing of the Maastricht Treaty: the birth certificate of the European Union and the euro.

The 25th anniversary of the Maastricht Treaty marks a history of optimism and the seizure of opportunities, but also solidarity under the pressure of financial and economic problems and the debate about Europe’s openness. It also demonstrates that Europe requires permanent maintenance. Maastricht is the number one location to commemorate the signing of the Maastricht Treaty by means of a significant and interesting programme. It is also a perfect opportunity to look back and to look ahead to the future of Europe.

Europe’s laboratory

It is no accident of history that the Treaty on European Union was signed in Maastricht in 1992. After all, nestled in between Belgium and Germany and situated at the heart of Europe, Maastricht is not only a logical location from a geographical point of view. Its situation on the national borders is precisely why people of this region think and act in cross-border terms, ‘connecting’ and ‘building bridges’. It is a place that is working constantly to build Europe’s future – a place where it is possible to have a dialogue about Europe and where Europe itself is being forged.

Constant upkeep

The Maastricht Treaty 25th Anniversary programme recounted the exciting and turbulent history of Europe. It is a history that began optimistically with an early leitmotiv of new, seemingly unlimited opportunities. But it is also a history of solidarity that has come under pressure, of financial and economic hardship, and of disagreement about Europe’s openness – a disagreement that the refugee crisis has once again put into sharp relief. It proves that Europe needs constant upkeep – and the logical place for that is Maastricht, where it all began a quarter of a century ago.


With Europe Calling! – Maastricht Treaty 25th Anniversary we are contributing to the dialogue about Europa. The programme aims to:

  • Greater involvement of the residents of the city and the (Eu)region in Europe;
  • Stronger cross-border cooperation;
  • Stronger international positioning of the capital of Limburg Maastricht;
  • Stronger positioning of the Government as a key as EU location.

25 years Maastricht Treaty

In 2017, it was 25 years since the signing of the Maastricht Treaty in the Gouvernement – the Limburg Provincial Government Buildings. On 9 and 10 December 1991, a European Council meeting – also referred to as the European Summit – was held in Maastricht. A brief review of the history.