Win a Europe Calling! package

No one can have failed to notice that this year the Maastricht Treaty is celebrating its 25th anniversary. To mark this occasion, a competition is being held. Europe Calling! will be giving away 5 prize packages.

Frans Timmermans: Europe has strayed from the key issues

“I think that in recent times, we have strayed slightly from the key issues regarding Europe”, says European Commissioner Frans Timmermans. The first vice-president of the European Commission regrets the current atmosphere in Europe, which is too often characterised by ‘everyone for himself’. That is largely because the debate is no longer objective”, according to the Maastricht born Timmermans.

75 Youngsters debate NATO and Europe’s security

Friday 14th of April approximately 75 young people from Limburg had a meeting in the Provincial Government Buildings to debate the future of a secure Europe. This has been prompted by the 50th anniversary this year of the NATO headquarters in Brunssum. The young people, aged from 15 to 18, debated about NATO, security and…