Europe Calling autograph book

Since Thursday, September 29th the official Europe Calling! autograph book can be signed. The King’s Commissioner Theo Bovens and the Mayor of Maastricht, Annemarie Penn-te Strake were the first to sign the book. “As a token of our respect, we would like to give those who participate in the dialogue about Europe the opportunity to sign this book”,…

The quarter life crisis of the European Union

When you become 25 years old you hit some sort of existential point in your life. You’re still young, though not as young as you might think you are, and are virtually standing on the doorstep of the rest of your adult life. But the realization that I might be getting old really hit me when I figured out the age of the EU. Or better: the European Union as we know it since the Maastricht Treaty. Yes, we can both celebrate existing a quarter century this year.