Generation Maastricht – YO!Fest

February 7 2017

Large multicultural event co-created for young people by young people

Generation Maastricht YO!Fest will be held on Tuesday 7 February 2017, exactly 25 years after the signing of the Maastricht Treaty. YO! Fest stands for Youth Opinion FESTival, which is a European festival organized for and by people young between the ages of 18 and 25 (Generation Maastricht). The daytime festival includes debates, meet & greets with EU administrators, workshops, live music, theatre, and sports, all of which aim to spark a discussion on key topics regarding the future of Europe. All current European administrators are invited to attend. Some 5,000 young people from across Europe are expected to attend the festival in Maastricht’s Sphinx quarter.

Fifteen international partners and fifteen local partners have already signed on for the YO!Fest. The festival offers participants the ideal opportunity to engage in accessible debates on Europe, both now and in the future.

In addition to engaging debates and in-depth conversations, YO!FEST will also include plenty of live music. The Generation Maastricht YO!Fest Concert, a European music festival organized in collaboration with Muziekgieterij Maastricht and Jeunesses Musicales International, will be held on the evenings of Monday 6 February and Tuesday 7 February. The accessible programme was designed to encourage interaction among young participants and includes European pop bands, a Retro Gaming Area, and a Post Office Area.

Various side events will add the finishing touch to the YO!Fest programme, such as the International Week organized by Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, the International Peace Conference organized by the United World College, and Model European Parliament activities, which are open to secondary school pupils in Europe.

The city of Maastricht is very much looking forward to YO!Fest 2017. Thousands of young internationals converging in one place is precisely how Maastricht envisaged its future 25 years ago. YO!Fest 2017 is ushering in the next 25 years…

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Programme overview

Location Sphinxkwartier

't Bassin (in Sphinxkwartier)

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